Banks always want to give their clients the best experience when using their off-site’s ATMs (Automated Teller Machines).  ATMs often top the list of the dirtiest things we touch every day. Our hands easily transfer germs that cause illness from our bodies to everything we touch, and these germs can live on surfaces for days.

While we can’t live in a bubble, we can make the best decisions possible in the banking business and attempt to minimize the spread of disease. Providing a regularly cleaned ATM area is an important part of delivering financial services to your customers. Well-maintained machines with regular ATM cleaning are a key part of protecting your image and brand. ATM or Cash Machines are an important part of a bank’s business, and scheduling regular cleaning and checks for ATM machines can improve the customer service given, reduce operating costs and maintain a good opinion of the bank. To achieve this, it may be more cost effective to engage the expertise you need, when you need it, and pay for only the services you use.

At Assertive Solution we believe that cleaning an ATM should consist of more than just a wipe down, and so our ATM or cash machine cleaning includes cleaning the keyboard, function keys, monitor, the exterior of the card reader, and writing surfaces, signage and light panels surrounding the ATM. If you have an ATM that has more specialist cleaning needs, then we are fully prepared to discuss and implement those needs into our cleaning schedule. Assertive Solution will use ammonia free products to clean clients ATMs, as well as ensuring that the right cleaning products are used!

Our service also includes a detailed reporting service to alert the bank of any damage to the ATM itself or any part of the ATM installation. Our ATM management and cleaning division is a specialized mobile operation whose primary objective is to uphold our clients’ image at all times.