Information Technology is a key business enabler to support business growth. As the IT environment constantly changes with upgrades and expansions, it gradually starts to becomes complex to manage. You need highly available IT infrastructure to power your business without any gaps in operations together with the uninterrupted flow of real time information within your organisation. For this your IT strategy needs to be directly aligned to your business strategy.

Strategic outsourcing of day-to-day or specific IT management tasks removes the pressure of accountability and provides assured performance with predictable associated costs for defined areas of your IT infrastructure.

The range of proactive IT infrastructure services that we provide, either remotely or within a hosted environment, includes:

Application and database monitoring
Managed network services,
Security System Management,
Network Management and Monitoring,
IT Service Desk,
Platform Migration,
ATMs Maintenance Management,
Messaging and System Management,
Storage and Backup Management,
Business continuity,
Server and storage monitoring and management.

Assertive Solution can deploy and manage a team dedicated to your operational needs.